Fastest way to write data out of node?

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Sorry if this is known thing but I couldn't find anything so far.

So I'm writing out hair data from a groom. I want the @P 3 vec and the @width data. I was using a python script to write it out with numpy arrays to do the writing of the float data to a binary file. I am preallocating the array and writing into indices but the for loops themselves I'm using to access the data in houdini are very slow for larger grooms. At first I was using a nested for loop like:

for curve in curves.prims():
for point in curve.points():

then switched to a single loop over all points like:

for point in curves.points():

and kept track of the indices myself but it's still pretty slow.

Is there a faster way to do this? I've tried regular python lists and looked at the csv exporter in the game dev shelf. That's all still slow.

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Json dumps? Thinking you probably want to avoid looping over curves with file open and just build the a dict for json before writing.
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I assume you need the individual curves to be known… otherwise you can grab an entire attribute efficiently using functions like this one: []
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