changes to python API in houdini 18?

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I'm trying to update a drag-and-drop python script I made for importing fbx and obj nodes in Houdini 17, that stopped working after I upgraded to Houdini 18.

So far, I've found, that part of the problem is, that the basic input seems to have changed.

Previously, when I executed the code:
def dropAccept(filelist):

	for file in filelist:
		print (str(file))
I got a string, that represented the file path.
Now, the path string has the prefix: file:///

Is there a reason for this? Should I just remove the first 8 characters of the string, to get the file node to work, or is there a smarter way to do this?
Thanks in advance.

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Yes, the same question interests. The drag and drop script that I created in the script folder as stopped working.
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I have reported this a while ago as a bug and its in the system (H17.5 also allowed for multiple files to be dropped, whereas its limited to 1 in H18)
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