Newbie struggling with a wet map rending to a texture

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Hi… I have created a scene where ocean waves hit sand… Used the beach tank from Oceans tool shelf.

In order to accomplish the wetmap on sand I have taken the following steps:

1) Cached out the fluid surface cache

2) Scattered points on the fluid surface and added @wetness = 1 attribute

3) Used group bounding box delete to only keep the points near the shore

4) Scattered points on the sand surface and added @wetness = 0 attribute, points inherit UVs from sand

- note sand geo has UV textures applied on the diffuse and other channels. Y axis projection, scale = 15, 15, 15. Resolution 8K.

5) Created another geo and object merged from #2 and #4

6) In that geo created a solver that:

- copies wetness attribute from previous frame of the sand-scattered points onto current frame

- uses attribute transfer to transfer wetness from fluid particles

7) This works great… so I have points scattered on the fluid particles transfering wetness attribute to points scattered on the sand particles.

But how do I convert that into an animated map that I can load onto the original sand object?

How do I blend that map with existing textures?

- I have tried to follow a tutorial where author created a vopcop2 generator in img context and created the flow in VOP as per attached file

- But this is not really working well… (a) its very slow (b) I get a small something that doesn't seem to animate or read the exact details of the points.

Is there a better way do do this? One that might actually work?

Huge thanks.

Screenshot from 2020-04-16 13-00-48.png (64.6 KB)

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See [] the end of this video covers converting the point cloud to a texture, your technique is correct and should work. Worth checking for errors in your uv setup, the pchannel setting on the pcopen.
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