Merging takes to Main?

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Is it possible to merge the current take upwards into the Main take? I've tried using

takemerge Main take1

but it doesn't work, just fires back the error

Couldn't merge source take take1

which doesn't seem right.

Found some workarounds in this odforce thread: [] but I'm not literate enough with Houdini's Python library to get it to work.

Is there some secret sauce to make this work in the textport (if it can work)? Like a private name for Main that you need to use instead?

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Would also love to know the answer to this. When importing fbx files into houdini it creates takes.... Takes are a strange thing. [] []
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Some FBX files contains takes. If they do, Houdini creates takes upon import.
Both these approaches seemed to work well for me using H19.

  1. Open Take List and left-button drag some take onto Main. A pop menu allows to pick "Merge take (with override)".
    Simply "Merge take" is not enough as both Main and the unwanted take has values for the same channels.
  2. In a Textport window: takemerge -f Main <name-of-unwanted take>
    Again it's the -f that does the trick of forcing the merge even though it means overriding Mains animation channels.

Once merged, I just delete the unwanted take.
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