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I've been using the masterclass videos as a guide to create panel cloth. I have used old Maya Panel Cloth, 3ds Max Panel Cloth and Marvelous in the past to do similar clothing. It can be tricky, but I am trying it now with Houdini. I have attached images to go with each question and attached the file with the clothing panels, minus the character.

Bend Woes

For some parts, like sleeves, I need to bend the arm cloth panel so that the seams can connect. I can't figure out how to control the bend sop.

Simming a large volume of cloth into a smaller volume of cloth is challenging. Even in other software, I had to really rotate around the panels so that the thin foot cuffs go around the ankles and the rest can sim down in place. I created a sort of belt piece up top with two curves around the waist (one scaled up from the other) and then made into a panel from curves. I created seems to the outer ring. It crumples up and disconnects in spots as it drapes. I think there are multiple issues here.

For the back panels of the loose pants, I used the same panels as the front, just transformed back behind the character. The normals for the back are pointed the wrong way. I don't want to rotate it around as the seam numbers are the same so it makes it easier to create the seams for them (which is a very tedious process of guessing which seam is which, by typing it in, checking and changing the number). I tried reversing the normals with a normal modifier, but that did not seem to fix it. I think it is causing issues in the sim.

Shirt panels as shown get messy too. It appears that if I have the collar (a rectangle shaped panel) connecting to the front round neck and back round neck, I had to split the bottom curve of the collar panel into 4 parts. 2 to connect to left and right neck round part of panel and 2 to connect in front right and left side rounded neck panel. Same for shirt sleeves that connect in the front and back. This is so that seams are created as it would be tailored. It is tedious and messy. Any thoughts on how I could do this better?

It looks like I have to have the same number of points on the edges of connecting panels. This is near impossible and I feel like other programs were able to adjust the geometry to create the connections. I have disconnected points in the seams which causes the waist portion of the pants to not stay closed.

As an example, I created the same clothes a few years ago in 3ds max:
http://www.madguru.com/archives/47 [www.madguru.com]

Any workflow suggestions etc would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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