Questions setting up sharing cpu/gpu with fellow students.

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Hello Dear SideFx Community.

So in September I'm starting a VFX curriculum in school.
And I was wondering if it was possible to share our CPU capacities with other students. As a personal side project.
I assume every student is allowed to set up 3 Houdini engines to use in the task scheduler. (I'm assuming we get an educational licence)

So I was wondering if it is possible for students to use other students licences to access their CPUs/GPUs in PDG | Tasks scheduler.

I'm assuming I need to set up a VPN of some sorts to allow the students to access each other's networks or is the system setup in such a way that the traffic is allowed through routers without the need for changes in the router's firewall.

I'm not a native English speaker so excuse me if I haven't been clear about what I want to achieve and what I would like assistance with.
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