Detecting unsaved changes in unlocked HDA instances!!!

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I'm looking to write a python script that will scan the current hip file for unlocked HDAs of a certain criteria and detect if modifications have been made to them; i.e. the unlocked instance differs from its associated hda library file

I can easily detect if they are unlocked, but in the python docs I'm not finding any good way of analyzing the contents of the network, like an unsaved word document. For instance I would want the script to flag even having put an unconnected null down as unsaved changes

First thing that comes to mind would be to generate a hash/GUID and compare the two, but other than writing my own hash algorithm (and possibly storing it as user data?) I don't see any built-in way to do this in Houdini, and since the slightest changes in the HDA library file would would invalidate the hash I'm not super confident with that solution

any ideas are appreciated, thanks!

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