Alembic scene polygons break apart during simulation

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I'm having a weird problem where polygons in my alembic scene break apart.

What I'm trying to do is to import an alembic scene, select a few polygons from that Alembic scene and emit smoke from them. Like an engine emitting smoke. But when I have selected the polygons I want, they break apart during the simulation.

The steps I've done.

1. Importing the alembic scene into a geo node, made it a bit smaller and put a null node in the end.

2. Created a new geo node. In this node, I have an ObjectMerge (imported my alembic file again), then a convert node (to make the alembic scene into polygons), then a blast node (to only select the part I want to emit smoke from).

But here comes the problem. When I play the animation, my polygons from the blast node breaks apart (I've included a screenshot for this).

I have missed something but not sure what.

Would be very grateful for any help.
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It looks like you didn't unpack your alembic. If the alembic scene you brought it was polygons in another software you dont need to convert that. You can drop down an unpack after you import OR you can go into the alembic node - geometry tab - load as and select “Unpack Alembic Delayed Load Primitives”. Then a new parameter will pop up thats called poly soup primitive - change to “No Poly Soup Primtives”

If your alembic is an animation it may load slower per frame, but all is good.

Hope that fixes it.
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