For loop only doing first iteration

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Hello, I have a problem with a for loop from the Lakehouse tutorial, chapter 1 part 4… the expected result is to extract the middle lines here:

If I evaluate each iteration using single pass, everything seems to work correctly, but when I remove it to execute the entire loop, it only shows the first iteration.
Merge each iteration is checked. I also tried to reduce the number of iterations manually to see if it was failing because of the blast node with the warning, but it always showed only the first one.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I've attached my file. The problem is in the node “get middle line”

Thank you!

lakehouse.hipnc (273.7 KB)

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Hi, your images don't show up.

anyway if you iterate by pieces and set the name to “roof_id”, instead of doing a feedback loop, it will produce the middle lines for those roof pieces made of 2 prims, but won't produce any middle line for roof piece made of a single prim.

Not sure if that's what you are looking for…
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lakehouse iterate by roofid.hipnc (276.0 KB)

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