"untangling" a camera's path

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Hi there;

I have an animated camera that I've exported from a photogrammetry package (Meshroom). The camera path itself seems erroneous, and I suspect the issue is that a handful of the camera's positions have been transposed with one another in time (e.g. frames 10 and 11 have been swapped, producing odd "glitches" in my camera's movement). Here's an example of me placing a point at each camera's location in time:

Looks reasonable, except when I connect the points in order, we can see several places where the path "doubles back" on itself, which I think imply that the points' order isn't right (which implies, in turn, that several of the camera's animation keyframes are in the wrong order):

What I'd like to do is try to "untangle" my camera's path, and I'm curious what the most ideal way to do this might be (or, what ANY way to do this might be).

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How are you importing the cameras into Houdini from Alicevision?
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