Complex Mechanical Animations

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Hello Houdini Wizards!

I was hoping to get some of your thoughts on mechanical animations and transformations using houdini's strengths.

I found these fun youtube videos that are similar aesthetics to what i'm thinking about. Especially the gears around the 8-10 second mark, they are changing radius but remain in contact with each other:

The way this cube fractally shrinks on itself is a fun animation as well:

Another great reference is when the machine "veronica" flies down in Avengers 2 and transforms and mechanically locks into the hulkbuster costume over the ironman suit. Any thoughts on how to go from object A to Object B with animations on the secondary and tertiary components of the machinery?

If you have seen any tutorials (i'm willing to pay for premium tutorials as well) feel free to link them, but any thoughts on how to achieve these awesome animations would be so appreciated!

Hope you're all safe and healthy during these crazy times!

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here is some stuff (experimental state) simulating gears. It is more about the mechanics (not the aesthetics). The main idea is creating points with essential attributes (like radius, position, reference etc). These points can be used to copy complex geometry onto them. There are still multiple issues. For example how to avoid self intersection (if wanted) or how to make the gears fit perfectly (this is properly impossible in some situations).

P.S. here is another file update, which seems to fix the fit problem.
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gear_experimental.hipnc (218.4 KB)
gear_experimental_fit.hipnc (228.7 KB)

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