Is the GPU list updated?

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I was looking at different GPUs for a future computer setup. Is the list posted on the SideFX side updated? []

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If you don't see a card on the list, it's usually because the graphics card hasn't been tested by us. That doesn't mean it's crap, of course. As long as it meets the minimum requirements for Houdini as listed on the sys req page in terms of VRAM, OpenGL and OpenCL, you'll probably be fine with it.
If we get the card, we test it. If the vendor (for whatever reason) doesn't give us the card and we can't obtain it ourselves, we can't test it and then put it on the list. It doesn't mean it's a bad card. It just means we couldn't test it. If you hit an issue with it, you're still welcome to let us know by logging a bug. It just may be hard for us to track down a card specific issue if we don't have the card in house. Hope that helps!
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