Instancing Decal actors (and other standard actors) in UE4

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Hello all, I'm trying to find a way to spawn directly decal actors from the H-engine in UE4.
Since decal actors (and other default actors) are not assets from the asset browser but instead native actors, I'm not sure how to address them.

I've looked but can't find concrete documentation. Though I understand from changelogs I've read that this should theoretically be supported... ?

Likewise I imagine that I can set the material on the decal actor using the u_property attribute ?

Any information or guides on this?

Erwin Heyms

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I already replied to you on github, but Ill share my answer here for others:

For Decals, IIRC there's two ways you could spawn them via the plugin:

unreal_instance set to a Material path, with the material set to Decal, this should normally spawn the appropriate DecalActor.
unreal_instance set to "DecalActor" will spawn DecalActors, and you can try to use uprop attribute to change params.
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Quickly reviving this old thread. The method above spawns actual decal actors in the scene. Is there a possibility to create instances which work as decals? Or is this an Unreal Limitation?

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