no environment mapped paths found! macOS

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just started houdini and unity engine and couldent installed properlly
, i guss because of thse some hda are not working

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 11.15.49 PM.png (93.1 KB)

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Hi! A few things:
- Unless your HDA explicitly uses a custom environment path, no additional mapped environment paths should be necessary for loading a basic HDA. You can send the HDA if you want me to check if this is the case. Also, sending the error log would be nice as well.
- Make sure that Assets/plugin/unity_houdini.env file exists. It is relative to your project folder.
- All environment paths must be prefixed by "HEU_ENVPATH_", e.g. HEU_ENVPATH_COMMON_HDAS=C:\Dev\Houdini\CommonAssets . See: []
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