Radial Groom brushes used on Geo OBJ pop you out of SOPs

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Hey guys, hopefully this is an easy puzzle to solve.

I'm basically using the guideGroom sop inside of a regular Geometry object. But if i use the radial menus or shelf to switch to screen brush or plant guides it pops me out of SOPs and now im at OBJ level and puts me into select mode.

It works just fine if i use a Guide OBJ but I want to do this inside a regular Geometry OBJ.

What would i need to add to the shelf scripts to do this?


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Sounds like you would need to make your own scripts and custom radial menu for that, I am not aware if someone already wrote those tools.
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I ran into the same problem, I ended up making this Radial Menu.
The guideGroom node must be selected to work .... hope it will help you.

evoGroom.radialmenu (1.9 KB)

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