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Add your entries to the Best Game Art Asset Category to this thread before the contest deadline.
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Cable Conduit Tool HDA.

Game ready environment asset using Houdini Engine and Unreal.

The goal was to automate the tedious task of creating ceiling mounted cable conduit for use in industrial / sci-fi environments.

Curve driven with a bunch of parameters make it easy to layout and create variety.

Please see attached the video in which I demo the asset in Houdini and Unreal Engine 4.25. Also, check out the .hdanc help card for more detailed info.

Also, please find attached the .hda, Unreal project available - it was too big for the forum...

It was a fun little project to work on - I've obviously spent way too much time daydreaming at industrial ceilings...

Good luck to all involved,


HighresScreenshot00003.png (4.6 MB)
BanksRick.Admin_cabletraytool.1.0.hda (55.9 KB)

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The asset is a blank for the suspension bridge.
1. To create two bridges, you need to select a point on the terrain between the creation of the bridge.
2. It is possible to replace the columns with custom ones by connecting the column model to the second input.
3. Connect the board profile to the 3rd input, you can replace the boards on the bridge.
4. It is also possible to install a rope profile by connecting it to the 4th entry.
The bridge supports simulation (parchment), or you can set a frame to create a static model.

since the asset was created in the non-commercial version of houdini it cannot be used in UE4 (5), but you can save the preconfigured bridge model in * .obj format and use it as a static grid.

bridge.png (1.3 MB)
suspension_bridge_v1.0_FINAL.hdanc (164.4 KB)

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Building HDA - created to make it easier for game level designers to quickly iterate their ideas and blockouts into something that is procedural and fast, yet maintaing an art design that is adequate to their overall concept.

The tool is driven by BSP shapes inside of Unreal, but can also be used inside of houdini with box shapes following the rules that it's currently limited by. As it stands right now, it can only take geoemtery that is 2x2 meters or 2x2.5 meters, and this is due to design choice and the way I've designed the HDA, feel free to change/use the HDA to create something closer to your liking if need be.

Please see the attached files that I've uploaded, inside should be both the HDA, unreal project, houdini scene, and the materials/mesh that is used to create the building. Hopefully you enjoy the HDA and feel free to msg me if something doesn't make sense!

download the files here []

All the best and good luck to all participating,
Victor Skarbye
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unreal_render_after.jpeg (529.2 KB)

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Hi! the tree house tool builds a spiral ladder, dresses it and places a house on top of a given object. It does it successfully if the object has separate materials for the leaves and the trunk.
Meant to be a gateway back into tech art after the summer of environment art. Basically a cute vex exercise. It can be a dressing tool given to an environment artist working in UE4.25 or higher.

the houdini file []the digital asset file []

Thank you for viewing this submission
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An Asset is a blank for a mountain road that is created along a user-specified path and adjusts to the terrain, creating bridges and tunnels. It is possible to customize the transition from the tunnel to the open road and to the bridge with supports. It is also possible to connect custom road elements: lights and fences.

road_2.png (939.0 KB)
Procedural_mountain_road.hdanc (5.7 MB)
Road_mountains.hipnc (1.0 MB)

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This asset allows you to customise and create multiple types of boats from a small sloop to a caravel or every eccentric model of sailing ship from the 1900 you can think of.

It allows game artists to create huge harbours with a large variety of ships in little to no time. It is based on curves that will mold your ship to your desires and change the whole structure within a minute. You can play with the ropes and number of sails and once the result is satisfying, just need to click a button to create the uvs and drag and drop materials in the correct slots and boom, you have the ship of your dreams. Bake it and then repeat the process to create your fleet. If you only need a background ship, you can minimise the resolution of that said ship with just a slider.
Here are the files... []
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BoatMap.0142.png (2.5 MB)

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Procedural Road Tool HDA
This tool using module-base method to create roads with procedural modules, it generate road with better shape and consistent looking , also generate simple procedural road line can either output as decals or baked textures in different road modules.
Check out PDF and tool help for more information

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Procedural Road Tool Intro.pdf (1.7 MB)
render.jpg (760.8 KB)
Procedual_Road_Tool_Demo.hip (2.1 MB)
procedural_road_tool.hda (1.6 MB)

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HEXAGONA is a procedurally generated hexagon-tiled board.

It can be used in a real time environment for the used to create different maps, levels or boards. There are settings for modifying and setting the landscape, scattering parameters for foliage, rocks or custom meshes, and setting the theme by coloring the tiles and various elements. There are also options for unwrapping uvs and different groups of elements for assigning custom materials.

Besides game engines, HEXAGONA can be used inside any software that supports Houdini Engine for environments or landscapes. There are high quality mesh options for offline rendering usage.

Hopefully you’re going to have as much fun using it as I had creating this asset

HDA/HIP Files []
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Hexagona_Image.jpg (1011.5 KB)

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This HDA generate and bake to textures sews on stith.
The mesh must have a primitive group "cloth"
He puts textures in $HIP\bake

HDA: []

HIP: [] []
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Screenshot_3.jpg (154.1 KB)
Screenshot_2.jpg (180.8 KB)
Raist_sews.hdanc (235.9 KB)

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This is a set of frameworks for vegetation distribution in the Unreal editor.

There are 2 purposes:
1. It is a non-destructive process and can participate in large projects.
2. It can be used in the unreal editor for artists who don't have much Houdini experience.


1. Supports growth in heightfield and Mesh at the same time.

Based on heightfield:
Each layer needs to be processed in the editor.
  • Provides a wealth of layer data: including hand-swiped layer, feature layer, noise layer, pattern layer and layer generated by the interaction of mesh and height.
  • Adjust the layer value range: Provides an hda that parses the expression of the layer, and can freely mix each layer.

Based on mesh:
Various types of polygons need to be processed in the editor.At present, the function is relatively simple.It provides the conversion of model data into point or spline data.In the future, it will support the generation of vegetation based on the attributes and texture of the point.

2.An unlimited number of Biome parameter lists.
Each Biome parameter HDA will generate a json file. When you adjust the parameters, the json file will be updated in real time. The advantage of this is that the parameters can be separated from the main Cook program. And it can be processed uniformly through external steps.
When you need to cook, the main program will read all json files and process them in parallel.Because the main program is based on PDG, it is especially suitable for multi-tile processing.
The mutual influence between the parameter lists, each parameter HDA has a unique tag, and the tag can reference and influence each other.

3. The main Cook program HDA.
All arithmetic logic is integrated here.
  • It extracts useful layers and meshes based on all json files.
  • Automatically recognize input type and output type.
  • The properties of the vegetation itself are set, including collisions with each other.

This is a basic vegetation distribution program, which can be easily expanded according to actual needs.

If the vegetation tool can be put into Houdini labs, I am willing to improve the function and continue to provide updates.

Project link(includ HDA,Unreal project) []

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Jalousie or Venetian Blind HDA

This is a fully procedural modelled and fully functional venetian blind hda.


open, close and tilt
I have also experimented with handles to adjust the width in UnrealEngine as you can see in the short clip.

procedural modelling all this can be adjusted:

number of slats (length of blind)
position of the strings
width of the blind

This HDA creates all parts packed, with orient attributes, so you can easily replace them with custom objects the way you want them modelled. Be it for a rbd destruction or a low poly game asset. To instance millions of slats. Or for a funky mograf effect.

The main use case is maybe archviz, but i think games like “Hitman” or “Cyberpunk2077” for example could also do with venetian blinds. And obviously venetian blinds also blow up nicely! And they drop nice shadows.

I plan to “sell” this in the UE Marketplace… []
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OFHDA_jalousie_v2.3.0.hdalc (77.2 KB)
purple_blind_01.png (1.9 MB)
20210930_jalousie_for_competition.hiplc (1.1 MB)

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I've decided to enter my VEX Sofa in this competition

This is the link to the project showing the sofa in Unreal []
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DBaciu.DB_sofa.1.0.hda (82.4 KB)
sofa_show.hip (175.9 KB)

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A procedurally generated seaweed created with the help of Houdini and Unity. I've used Houdini to generate the base lines data, then coded everything into vertex colors, normals, and uvs. Afterwards, I animated it with computer shaders and generated the geometry frame by frame in real time in Unity.

I use the preview mode to see the approximation of how the seaweed will look, then I grab the stalk, leaf, and boundary data and save it in a serialized object.

It supports setting up water level and LOD levels. It also works in VR.

Unity 2020.3.4f1+ width HDRP, Unity plugin for Houdini engine required for making new presets

SeaweedUnityGenerator.hdalc []
Unity Package []
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thumbnail.png (1.9 MB)

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Hello Everyone!

I'm quiet new in Houdini! Some of my latest experiments! NatureFX! (I couldn't generate hda, because of mistakes and terrible results (i don't know why), so i give a scene with my asset)


I didn't have so much time and did my best in short time! I tried to create generator tree and rocks, to use them in Unreal Engine or elsewhere for population and massive nature enviroment creation without need in other softwares!

Trees generation, both: splited and simple with textures and materials!
Rock generation, one type with textures and materials!

Use cases

tree copy.jpg (397.0 KB)
NatureFX-01.hipnc (1.9 MB)

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This is a tool to quickly create mountains

Quickly create and modify mountain models
Can be used for white boxes and distant landscapes in the early stage of game design


1. Provides a variety of ways to generate mountains, including points and lines.
2. The shape of the mountain can be modified by controlling some control points.
3.It can be spliced with white boxes of other shapes to form any mountain range.
4.Reusable mountain assets can be generated in a refined manner.

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mountain_tools.7z (237.2 KB)

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Hi Everyone!

This is a tool to quickly create simple interiors based on a floorplan.

This is for anybody who wants test something out or need it for quick prototyping, archviz scenes or games and to people like me who really hate to model something like this.

Use planes to create rooms and boxes to add windows and doors and the tool does the rest.
- Automatic mesh generation
- UVs
- Material slots
- Blueprint instances for doors

funkyphotons.InteriorBuildingTool.1.1.hdalc (146.4 KB)
HighresScreenshot00002.png (4.3 MB)
HighresScreenshot00001.png (3.5 MB)
InteriorBuildingTool.hiplc (362.1 KB)

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