Z and Z Mini for Houdini

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Z allows you to simultaneously edit geometry in Houdini and ZBrush.

The toolkit is designed for modeling and animation artists and divided into four parts:

1. Data exchange between programs without using files. The function may be of interest not only to Houdini users but also to ZBrush users who want to improve their workflow by an order of magnitude

2. Blend Shapes creation in Houdini and ZBrush. Tools optimized for high-poly animated geometry

3. Converting FiberMesh to Houdini Curves

4. Built-in remeshing with ZRemesher. Provides a convenient way for partial remeshing and clean mesh with smart relaxing

Product link: https://alexeyvanzhula.gumroad.com/l/nuBwF [alexeyvanzhula.gumroad.com]
Lightweight version: https://alexeyvanzhula.gumroad.com/l/RaNuJ [alexeyvanzhula.gumroad.com]

Release video: https://vimeo.com/640940973 [vimeo.com]
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https://gumroad.com/alexeyvanzhula [gumroad.com]
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Hey Alexey,

can the Z Toolkit also transfer Crease Weights ? I had a a quick look at the Z Mini Version but it doesn't seem to be possible.

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