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Hi all!

I'm planning to start a flip sim in Houdini and use it in an environment made in Maya. Should I export my simulation in abc and render it alongside the scene in Maya with Arnold, or export my camera movement to houdini and render the simulation with Mantra to composite both my env and sim in Nuke ? I have no clue of which workflow is more efficient.

Last question as I am quite new to flip simulations, should i import my riverbed made with Maya in Houdini to make the simulation match my scene ? Or is it the other way around, like build everything in Houdini and get it to work in maya ?

Sorry if i'm being unclear or anything!

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It's best to try and render everything in the one application/engine if you can.

So export out the FLIP mesh as alembic to be brought into Maya. I would change the abc ROP to be per frame
instead of one giant alembic file. Bring that into Maya, and just set up your scene that way.

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