One Filp sim, two output geometries.

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Hi, how do you use two separate particle fluid surfaces from one single DOP sim? I have a sim with two fluids interacting with one another. I used attributes to distinguish them in terms of density, viscosity, and color. However, when I render, I need the cream fluid to slowly emerge from coffee and see through the coffee as it does so. Keeping it in one geo I can't do it as there is no cream geo under the coffee geo and by simply using the Cd attribute, I can't see the cream until it is on the surface. Also, the coffee geo is flattened to attach it to an ocean system. Here is my nodegraph. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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you can split your particles after the sim either using your attributes in Split SOP, like @density>500
or if you sim without any reseeding you can use the source point groups that each one of your sources created on the geo
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