Houdini arnold materialx doesn't work

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Hello everyone,

I use MaterialX in Solaris to have the universal project so that I can export it in USD afterwards.

Karma supports MaterialX but not Arnold (as a plugin in houdini).

Arnold just makes the USD preview and when I disable the auto generate preview, nothing more...

I can’t find any information on this subject on the internet.
If joint this finds a capture with karma (which works) and the other with Arnold (does not work)

Does he have a solution?

Thank you in advance

Sorry about my English

Karma.JPG (326.3 KB)
Arnold.JPG (407.4 KB)

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I am experiencing the same issue.
A scene containing MaterialX standard surface shaders, renders fine with Karma but not Arnold, the strange part is that the same USD file renders fine with Arnold in Maya (MtoA).

Karma :

Arnold :

Scene files :
Image Not Found

Using Houdini : 19.5.403
HtoA (Arnold

UPDATE : In my case it is HtoA version, MaterialX wasn't supported with USD.
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Capture d’écran 2022-11-03 110007.png (706.6 KB)
Capture d’écran 2022-11-03 110325.png (1.4 MB)
materialx-arnold-karma-scene.zip (248.8 KB)

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