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Greetings World-wide Houdini Users!

I am currently completing a book on teaching Python to technical artists.
A primary focus of this book is all of the examples are executed using Houdini as the Python IDE.
Over many years I have successfully taught technical artists, with little to no programming experience, to be fully proficient Python programmers in just six weeks. This Python crash course is the focus of the book.

My question to you is do you know of any Houdini Python programmers who would be willing to review and vet the book's contents for both Python and Houdini accuracy? Yes, I am calling out to you Side Effects Houdini Dev programmers who might be specialists in this sort of thing. Since I do not know you, I want to reach to out to you to provide this opportunity.

Of course I am reaching out to all of you Houdini/Python experts as well! The Houdini users are the ones who understand Houdini Python's eccentricities and will be able to provide valuable guidance and work-arounds.

All reviews will receive credit in the book and a copy upon publishing, probably early summer 2023.

If any of this sounds tempting, please get back with me, chris@chrisroda.com, and I'll be happy to answer any questions and get you going.

Thank you very much for your time and attention. I look forward working with you in the future.
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