LOD's for Heightfields and Props?

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I Would Like to suggest an in depth tutorial about creating and setting up LODs for Props and Heightfields. i couldn't find any clear tutorial on how to go about it.

i have been trying to create a big environment (My machine is just bad for this!)and am looking for a way to do Terrain tesselation based on distance from camera, i already figured out how to do it with scattered rocks with Emily Fung's "Scattering Rocks" Tutorial, but it didn't explain how to transition smoothly from one LOD to another (Like a Blend Shapes or Linear Interpolation perhaps?) can some good enlightned soul please tell me or point me to a tutorial on how to:

1 - do Terrain LOD's (Tessellation) based on distance from camera? and how to smoothly interpolate these LOD's in terrains?

2 - how to smoothly interpolate in between LOD's when using props?

3 - is using "purpose" set to "proxy" in solaris a good solution? if so, how can i do it seemless and eficiently?

God Bless you all!
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