Karma CPU, Active radius unable to find usable range

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Working on lighting the USD Attic on Karma CPU, when testing the "Active Radius" it starts at 0 with no light radius and expands as the higher the number you go.

I tried applying this to a scene but weirdly there is no light radius at 0 or above, the light only has a radius when at a negative number and the radius is the same for any negative number. Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix this?

Annotation 2022-11-19 204940.png (405.6 KB)

- Arus
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Can you share a scene? It works for me as-expected. A negative value basically means "no cut-off".

rad0.png (230.7 KB)
rad_1.png (203.9 KB)
rad_2.png (186.7 KB)

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