[PARTLY SOLVED] PDG with unity_script attribute

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I am trying to build a procedural workflow with PDG and Houdini Engine Unity. I recently started using the unity_script attribute to attach my unity side logic after the cooking process, which worked really great and I am quite happy with the result.

My next step is to scale it with the PDG but ran into some trouble. The same workflow with using the unity_script doesn t seem to work. The attribute is created but doesn t trigger the attaching of the unity script to the pdg output.

Does anybody has an idea if i might miss something or if there is another way to go about it?


I found a hacky solution while digging deeper into the forums and found something i could use [www.sidefx.com]. With this i slightly modified the HEU_PDGAssetLink.cs to attach the script and invoke a function.

This solution is not particulary good since you have to manually define the string (YourScript:YourFunction) in the HEU_PDGAssetLink.cs file and triggered with a delay since i couldn t figure out when exactly the child gameobject is created where i needed to attach my script.

Where should i post a feature request? Forum? Github? I think there should be this functionality with PDG and Houdini Engine. I might tinker around further to solve it myself.
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