Landscapes, HDAs and z coordinate

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I have two HDAs that I use in Unreal Engine (UE5.0, Houdini 19.5.435):

- the first generates a Landscape from a heightfield
- the second exports a SplineComponent, later to be used as a road

Now, the Landscape actor is placed by Houdini at (landscape height / 2) which (since UE put the z origin at the half height) means z values of objects placed on the landscape resemble their actual, "real-world height" - which is great!

The second HDA receives the landscape as an input, and the curve's points are raycast onto the landscape's surface. However, after building the curve is put at zero height, and its z values are distances from the terrain's origin (at "half height"), meaning all points are way below the landscape.

Is there a way (configuration setting or the like) to export the curve at the landscape's height?
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