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We are producing 5 hours long web series, integrating live shoots with 3d virtual production. Our film division consists of researchers and artists. We are looking for a competent and passionate VFX trainer and consultant to:

  1. Train our team in Houdini

    Remain engaged with our researchers and artists team to troubleshoot as and when problems are faced

    Guide us by bringing your experience to enhance our film user experience

Duration: To be determined together

Location: Remote training and open for visiting (Bangalore, India) if required

Reach out at careers@nvlife.net


We solve problems. We classify all human problems into three categories. We call them suffering.

1. Distress- Emotional body issues

2. Mental Disorder- Mental body issues

3. Disease- Physical body issues

We are a 12-year-old deep research-based organization that has been converging ancient wisdom and science to bring out solutions to reverse any form of suffering humanity faces. Our research led us to write the book and that led us to start online courseware during the pandemic. In the process, we produced more than 10,000 hours of content and continue to create more. We are now moving up from being researchers, writers, and teachers to storytellers where we are producing films and web series based on our content to reach every household as per our vision.

For our transformative journey from researchers to storytellers, we are expanding and looking for an ecosystem of artists who can transform our vision into a visual and audio-appealing story in a simple manner while it reveals the deepest of the secrets that trouble humanity on a daily basis.
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