Attach a Vellum cloth to RBD objects.

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I have three graduation caps thrown in the air that interact with each other. I fed them to an RBD sop solver with different attributes like velocity and w for each of them to differentiate their behavior. Now, I need each of them to have a tassel ribbon attached to it that flaps around as they fly. I did tests with vellum cloth and pin to animation. This works if I do this to one single cap that has been animated by hand. However, now I have three caps that come out of an RBD sop solver. How do I approach this, considering that I should preserve the current RBD sim as the caps now fly exactly as I need them to? The tassel is part of the whole cap object, and I separated it with groups and blasts.
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you can use Transform Pieces to apply the RBD animation to your tassels based on the RBD points from the sim, just make sure you have matching piece attribute whether its @name or custom one
then your pins would follow the RBD sim objects
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