An Issue with Houdini Engine Curve Node and HDA

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As I was learning to use HDA to create roads in Houdini, I utilized the Houdini Engine Curve and an HDA to generate the road model. Initially, everything went smoothly, but now I've encountered an issue. When I first start editing the curve, the model generated by the HDA updates in real-time. However, after performing a few operations, the HDA stops updating, and I have to manually select "Rebuild" for the asset to update. This disrupts my workflow. I'm wondering if there's a solution to this problem. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or insights you can provide.

Versions used:
Houdini - 19.5.493
Unity - 2022.2.15

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Image Not Found

curve_roads.hda (16.9 KB)
20230517_023910.mp4 (457.1 KB)

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You might have some guidelines here [] if you still require fix.
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