VEX method to generate infinitesimal / infinite / nan ?

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In a 32-bit detail wrangle if I do @foo = 1e-45the Geo Spreadsheet will return 1.4013e-45. Now, I had to be tentative about this and I'm still not sure if it's the smallest value possible in 32-bit. I was wondering if there are known methods that generate number likes this, in this case the shortest possible value, that follow the precision being used. So for 32-bit it would automatically generate 1e-45 and for 64-bit it would instead generate maybe 1e-323, for example.

I was also looking for infinity and not a number:
I got infin the Spreadsheet with 1e+39and nandby with 1e+39/1e+39. I was just wondering if there are known ways to generate these without being tentative regardless of precision.

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