Hairprocedural pipeline

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Hi to all,
it's very interesting topic. I'm trying to use hair procedural but something wrong when I add an animation sublayer. Maybe I'm missing something and I need a recap :S

I would like to use hair procedural to apply static fur to my animated characters, this is what I've done...
  1. I create an asset with component builder with hairprocedural to generate fur on cahracter's hat (I created guides in sop, then imported with sop import in stage).

    Everything works fine with lookdev and render, except this warning in render in HtoA
    00:00:19 2641MB WARNING | /XXX/geo/GRP_fur/hat_fur_procedural: orientations ignored for mode ribbon, leaving out orientations would save 0 MB

    Anyway, I export my chr.usd

  2. I load my chr.usd with asset reference or sublayer in a new scene, I add a light and Preview Houdini Procedural, everything works fine, with the same warning above.

  3. I import the chr_animated.usd and the curves in viewport don't match the position, they remain in original pose of the chr. However if I render the hat of chr has fur even if with another look, it looks differently combed. In console I have a new warning:
    00:00:05 2757MB WARNING | /XXX/geo/GRP_fur/hat_guides: missing points parameter

    I want to specify that the chr_animated.usd contains skinprim only, the animation file has not the guides

    You must have always guide also in animation? what then would be the benefit? only have more hair in render?

I certainly have an update problem in render, if I switch from static to animated or vice versa, to see the fur updated I have to save and reopen the file.

Is the procedure I have chosen right?
It is a great advantage use hair procedural rather than the guides in sop import, with usd in solaris?
There's a better way?
Thankyou for support

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i am not sure if the procedural in solaris is been use, the hair gen of the node is extremly powerfull we just have a display node above the hairGen and a null with the renderflag below. looks like is the same stuff just way easier to set up
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thankyou Pelos, I think so.
I changed method with a simple lop import with curves lookdev and guide deform that overrides it in animation.
I thought the hairprocedural just needed curves and skin animated to deform it, but something worng!
I solved with "standard" way!
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