Flip fluid falling through moving collider

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Hi guys,

I have an animated pitcher shot at work, that I am trying have hold water, and then pour into a cup.

Even with high substeps the water particles fall through the collider when it moves.
I recreated a similar scene at home and uploaded here in the hopes that someone can help me solve this.

Basically the water is spilling out when the container is translated, and if I increase the substebs a lot on the dopnet1 node, then the water just compresses.

Is there a cleaver workaround?

Skærmbillede 2023-05-26 kl. 12.27.16.png (1.7 MB)
waterSpillingOut.hipnc (654.9 KB)

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try these steps:
calculate velocity for collider geo before sim,
and then increase the substeps, for example 4 or higher.

waterSpillingOut_v2.hipnc (685.6 KB)

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