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Hi guys and gals.

I'd like to introduce you to my recent tool: Houclip. It enables Houdini users to store Houdini operator networks (and even code copied from various sources) into a local repository. Once stored in the repository, those "snippets" can be easily retrieved and pasted into Houdini at any time.

I wrote this tool mainly because of laziness. I needed some quick means of spawning different network configurations in various contexts, and at the same time, I didn't want to create HDAs out of them, because that felt like a total overkill.

Initially I didn't plan to implement code snippets (or rather "text" snippets to be precise, as they can store any X11 string clipboard contents), but here they are, as a bonus. In the future, I might externalise their categories into config file, so they're not limited to only HScript, Python or VEX as they are now. Personally, I don't use code snippets much, because I rely on org-roam for this purpose, but I thought that this feature might be handy for people who don't use Emacs to manage their life.

I'm a big fan of dmenu and rofi, so interaction with Houclip relies on either one of these two great programs. It also means that the interaction is keyboard-only. Well... rofi has some mouse support, so mouse lovers might also find something for them.

I hope most Houdineers will find this program useful. If not, let me know why. Also, if you encounter any bugs or have some suggestions, please post them on GitHub (preferably) or in this thread.

NOTE: Consider the current release to be a beta version. I tested it thoroughly, but there still might be some errors here and there that I might have overlooked.

Link: https://github.com/ajz3d/houclip [github.com]

PS. Currently, the program is GNU/Linux only. If you're using Windows or MacOS, don't even bother to run it. At least for now. The rationale is explained in the README.
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