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I'm trying to set up Hqueue.
I'm using a mac, and submitting to a windows based hqueue server with it's own client.
I can submit a task from my mac, it shows up in the dashboard, but then fails making IFDs. Looking at the error message it looks like it's looking for a mac directory

Loading .hip file /Volumes/hqueue/hqueue_test.hiplc. ERROR: Cannot find file /Volumes/hqueue/hqueue_test.hiplc
This is the correct directory on the mac, but for Windows it's obviously wrong.

I think my hqserver.ini is correct:
[app:main] hqserver.sharedNetwork.configLoaded=True # The shared network. hqserver.sharedNetwork.host = localhost hqserver.sharedNetwork.path.linux = %(here)s/shared hqserver.sharedNetwork.path.windows = \\ hqserver.sharedNetwork.path.macosx = /Volumes/hqueue hqserver.sharedNetwork.mount.linux = /mnt/hq hqserver.sharedNetwork.mount.windows = H: hqserver.sharedNetwork.mount.macosx = /Volumes/hqueue
Does anybody have any suggestion where I'm going wrong?
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