Houdini not compute until open one of my HDA and close after

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That drives me seriously nuts. Ok, we know the display could have some issue, and or the labs reset viewport would have no reason to exist , Now for some time i observed some seriously annoying issues when Houdini is generating kind of weird random errors (loop can't merge this iteration or slump can't finish with "Error: First writeable volume has no corresponding volume...." , things like this, a bit randomly to be honest, weird.. I have to mention everything is working absolutely fine in the first go, after loading, but could have some problem updating and computing correctly just after(!)

To be honest i have never seen problem like this before (before V19 or 19.5 excepted with Erosion node) but this year i have seen a bunch. I also experiment similar thing with Mlops machine learning SOP where sometimes i have to point to the solver, open and close...So it's possibly something python related, i do not know but *we* would really really like to know if you guys have experimented the same or have any idea of the reason, please ...


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