Adding different materials to separate instancers HDA

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I have three sets of points in Houdini (19.5.605), each instancing stadium seats in unreal(5.2). The "unreal_split_attr" successfully separates the points by material into three distinct instanced static mesh components however they all have the first material assigned to them.

I have tried this same setup with "unreal_material_instance" as well as "unreal_materialINDEX" (both "unreal_material1", "unreal material2", "unreal material3" and using "unreal_material1" for all three).

How can I assign three separate materials on the separate instancers?

NOTE: using the material parameter attribute or making the material in houdini first is not an option as I also have 50 other materials for complex vertex animated people.
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I've got exactly the same issue, have smbd solved it?
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