Render Issue - Redshift Fog Only Black

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Hey there,

I am pretty new to Houdini and tried to follow along a tutorial about procedual fog in Redshift from John Kunz. I will link it here: []

Its a lifestream and pretty detailed, but I dont know if i made any mistake. My fog, which I created, is rendered black or grey (in Mantra):

I checked different settings and tried to render it on a different device due to the graphic card. I tried different render (Redshift, Mantra, Karma in total). I even tried different Houdini versions. Everytime it is black and I don't find anything on the internet 🙃

If it helps here is my file:

Image Not Found

Maybe someone knows why and could help.
One way or the other, thank you in advance 😊

Best regards

Fog.jpg (119.0 KB)
Fog.hipnc (1.1 MB)

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Something happens with your attached hip file that crashes my Houdini after few seconds

But I would say that you should not use the Houdini Render View when you use Redshift, maybe you have a incorrect gamma applied there. You should use the RS Render View.

Maybe you just need to tweak some extra values in Redshift to close the look that you got in Mantra.

If you think that you need more help related with redshift, you can try to post it on redshift forum on the Houdini section: []
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