Rendering with renderman and lama shaders

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C:/Users/lenovo/OneDrive/Documents/houdini19.5/houdini.env:23 missing '=' while parsing line
C:/Users/lenovo/OneDrive/Documents/houdini19.5/houdini.env: %HOME%\Documents\houdini19.5.805\houdini.env
No 'raster' products found in render settings
S10012 {ERROR} Could not load bxdf plugin "c:\Program Files\Pixar\RenderManProServer-26.1\lib\plugins\LamaSurface.dll" in the path "c:/Program Files/Pixar/RenderManProServer-26.1/lib/plugins". (System Error: No such file or directory)
ERROR: Error, line 2: syntax error
ERROR: Failed parse of preloaded OSO code
W17002 {ERROR} The display H:/Houdini Karma file/Render/Haunted_Mansion_lookdev.usdrender_rop1.1100.exr plugin factory could not be initialized.

Facing these errors while trying to render on solaris with renderman
Can someone please help me out with this
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