Copy Variants

Introducing Copy Variants!
An easy-to-use free HDA specifically designed to make copying easier!
Wire all your variants to the first input of the tool and enjoy the fast and easy workflow!
Or save your variants as proxies and enjoy working with Redshift Proxies!

Here's the link to the download page:

The tool is free, but please consider donating to my gumroad page if you enjoy using it. It helps me out a lot!
I will be uploading more tutorials and talking about the tool in the upcoming days. There is also a simple scene file on the gumroad page that should get you up and running.
The tool is still in development so go easy on it! I will be updating it as often as I can and making the UI simpler for the user.

* Currently, this tool is only available for Houdini Indie.
** You need to install the SideFX Labs tool to use all the features.
*** Some features are specific to Redshift, and if you are not a Redshift user, you might get errors.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me develop this tool.
David Torno for his support and help fixing the bugs.
Henry Foster for sharing his knowledge about the underlying workflows during his MOPs course.
Rich Nosworthy's "Houdini in Bloom" course and his workflow for working with Redshift proxies.
My girlfriend El for designing the tool's icon.
Neema Abolghassemi for creating the soundtrack for the teaser.

Check out my website.

Or my social links:

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Armin Lotfi is a self-taught 3D visual artist and motion designer. He is passionate about designing abstract art by blending both natural and sci-fi elements. His educational background in architecture, experience in photography, and graphic design have granted him a better understanding of the 3D world. Throughout the years, he has developed a workflow between different software packages such as Houdini FX, Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Nuke, After Effects, and Photoshop.

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