Lets Grow Something!

GrowInfinite, a growing toolkit including about 37 HDAs is going to be released...

Some of features:
-Create Growth Ready Plants From Scratch

-Control Branch Density / Rotation and Scale
By Just One Keyframe On Growth

-Growth Based Bend/Noise/Gravity Controls
With Constant Point Number From Start To Finish
And Ultimate Retime Possibilities

-Gravity Control From Base/Tip, Force Created From Parent Directions,
And Lots Of Fun Gravity Styles

-Local And Global Twist Deformer

-Growth Based Displacement And UVs

-Produce Colors By Lenght, Growth, UV, Depth, etc, And Color Drives Forces Like Gravity,
Noise, Bend, Displacement And Even Next Level Size And Rotation At Will

-Growth Can Finish on Any Desiered Shape =-)

-Not Just Trees! Its Able To Create Lots Of Fractal Styles

-Instance Friendly Leaves And Bark Growth Tools
For Huge Trees And Highpoly Situations

Create stunnig procedural grows in fracture of a day!

What do you think? :)


It's about 20 years now since I started learning computer graphics, and I have done everything from creating digital environments, hard surface modeling, look development to today, where I create 3D motion design, TV commercials and NFTs. My career had lots of different aspects. An environment I created for a short film won the Award of Excellence on 3dtotal.com back in 2014. As I learned and progressed, I took on the responsibilities of a CG creative director. I was nominated and awarded winner in several festivals and was invited to jury at the WINA festival in 2020. In recent years, I also focused a bit more on generation of fractals and growth motion. While it may seem abstract, but the idea of growing and patterns has always fascinated me and it is one of the main driving factors that has lead me to becoming not only a digital artist, but also a toolmaker. This is possible in part, due to my journey into Houdini since 4 years ago, and developing the tool called GrowInfinite.


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