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Fracture Simulation and Chunks Materials 2016年1月29日12:13

Hi guys,

I have this issue that is giving me headaches, I hope you can help me to figure that out.

I made a destruction simulation and I exported the backed animation as skeletal mesh with the “Fracture Rig” tool of Steven Burrichter inside Unreal. Everything works fine but it generates a copy of the same material for each piece… so when I import it inside Unreal it generates hundreads of material slots for each chunk,.

Do you know if there's a way to make each piece to point to the right material without creating clone of the same material for each chunk?
I was thinking about making an ID for each material and let the pieces point to the right ID.. but I wouldn't know how to make it inside Houdini..

I hope I explained it clearly..

Thank you so much for your help!

Volume Normal Pass 2015年11月30日17:25

Hi guys,

does anybody know how to get the normal pass from a volume? (for example from a smoke shader).

Thank you!

Destructible mesh 2015年11月3日17:36


Thank you for your answer, that's a great news, can't wait!