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Tool handles in UE 2015年11月21日7:18

Thanks! It did work with the one handle.
I'm glad this little tool could be of use =P


Tool handles in UE 2015年11月20日15:50

Sorry I replied so late, I've been accepted for an internship and had to take care of several things.

Meanwhile; I have switched to 4.9.2. But sadly with the same result.
Is there something I have enable in UE? Or did I maybe export it the wrong way?
I have attached the .hda to this post.

Tool handles in UE 2015年11月8日13:59

Dear forum,

I wanted to take a look at the Houdini engine for UE 4.8.3. So I made a simple tool. In consists of a line with two points and a bridge is build along the line.
The start and end of the line can be translated to change the length and position of the bridge. I also exported the handles for both sides to the digital asset for better control.

After I imported the tool in UE the tool worked fine. Except for the handles.
I can still translate the two points in the parameters, though. But in my opinion it's a bit fiddly to position the bridge in that way.

Is there a way to get handles, or similar control, in UE?
Thanks in advance!