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ImageMagick convert inputfilename not working 2020年10月23日11:20

If you're already using File Pattern to generate your work items, you shouldn't need anything additional. You'll just need to disable the “Extension in Filename Attribute” parameter.

ROP fetch service for hqclients 2020年10月23日10:02

Currently only local machine services are supported, so it's not currently possible. However, adding support for PDG services to the HQueue Scheduler is on our roadmap.

ImageMagick convert inputfilename not working 2020年10月23日9:56

This syntax has been removed in the updated ImageMagick node for clarity and consistency with the rest of PDG. The recommended workflow now is to use regular PDG attributes. For this case, I would feed the input file into a File Pattern node with the “Extension in Filename Attribute” disabled (and setting the Pattern parameter to @pdg_input), and then wire the File Pattern into the ImageMagick node. You'll then be able to replace “{inputfilename}” with the @filename attribute.

I will add a note to the documentation about upgrading a scene from the 18.0 ImageMagick node to the 18.5 ImageMagick node.