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nvlink with openCL solvers 2020年2月25日12:10

thanks for clearing that up!
I think the better route for me is to probably go with a threadripper for simulations then.

nvlink with openCL solvers 2020年2月25日9:56

I have one 2070 Super with 8GB of vram.
Thinking about putting a second one in and connecting them via nvlink.

Does anybody know or have experience with benefits to the opencl parts of pyro, flip, whitewater, etc. and if those even recognize a nvlinked dual GPU setup?

Mac Pro, Metal & moving forward 2019年12月9日15:56

The Intel GPU is officially unsupported

I can’t be 100% certain if it really used the GPU.
But I think it would throw an error if Cl is on and it can’t use the GPU.
Not sure about that either though.