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AMD Radeon ProRender Solaris plugin 2019年12月13日20:38

Up and running on Linux just fine. But, there's no documentation on how to use it in Houdini?

How do I add ProRender materials, like the UberShader?

USD and Unreal Engine 4 2019年12月10日21:34

Well, SideFX is creating a UE4 version 2 Houdini Engine upgrade, and I'd assume it would support the USD pipeline into UE4…or at least provide a road map from Houdini Indie into UE4.

Embree Hydra Delegate 2019年12月10日6:50

Hmm, this along with several other delegates are available for free as well. I didnt think about the HBoost hurdle though. I'll have to take these for a spin and see how well they support the USD spec.