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Hiring CFX and FX ARTISTS for high-profile full CGI fantasy 2021年6月23日5:14

I'm searching for artists with the opportunity to join our studio for the upcoming project. It is a high-profile full CGI TV show for teenagers, fantasy genre, 12x24 mins, production is planned for July 2021 - November 2022. The style is similar to cinematics for League of Legends. We are looking for experienced lighting/shading artists, lookdev, compositors, and Houdini artists for effects. It is a really interesting project and great for a personal portfolio too. The project will start July/August 2021 and will last for about 18 months. We prefer in-house cooperation with relocation support but also remote cooperation is possible as well. Start based mutual agreement.

PFX is based in Prague in Czech Republic. It is a growing and very stable studio currently with about 100 artists with a sophisticated pipeline and a fun team to work with. From our internal survey, we are happy to say that 95% of us are proud to work for PFX and that there is a positive and open atmosphere, with friendly, honest, and trustworthy relationships.

You can see our work at www.pfx.tv