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VDB scaling problem 2017年11月5日19:02

I am very new to houdini and using VDB. Recently I have been provided a scene with models that are smaller than what I normally work with (I don't really understand a lot about scaling, so I normally just scale according to the grid). I tried to convert a polygon into VDB. I did this with the scale of the model provided and also my normal scale.
I want the VDB on the right to look like the one on the left, I have tried playing with the settings but I can't seem to get the VDB to look right?

I have limited knowledge of VDB, I have tried setting the unit in preferences and using volume vop to scale the density, but didn't seem to work?
Can someone please guide me to the right direction, sorry if this is a stupid question!

Render geometry with different time range? 2017年1月22日20:37

You can use a Time Shift node … and clamp each cache where you do not have geo for it.
So let say that you have a cache for 100 - 200 you can tell the time shift to Clamp First, last or both.
so I should always cache the full range and clamp it after?

Render geometry with different time range? 2017年1月22日19:15

If you can see it in the viewport you should be able to render it.

It says error saving geometry for the other files, but those files aren't supposed to be showing in the scene at that frame anyway?