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Day 2 | FOOD | Candy 2020年11月3日18:48

Tasty Twirls.

Day 1 | FOOD | Cookie 2020年11月3日13:45

Late to the party, have a cookie.

Hard Surface modeling test 2019年2月1日14:48

I like the final results, looks great for some types of media output although modelling with boolean to me is a cheap shortcut to clean quality edge flow modelling, ngons and thin strip polys always end up everywhere, especially after triangulation.

Would like to see a triangulated or quad mesh wireframe out of curiosity.

Having tried many ways to get good results from Houdini boolean seems to be the way for now but as I said ngons and poor topology just dont sit well in my modellers heart….had some luck with vdb for a few shapes but still mainly comes out a mesh mess.

It's really great seeing people start to model with Houdini but I fear it still has a very long way to go to compete in today's market place in that department.

I second your RFEs!