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Vellum Solver wont work in H17.5 or H18? 2020年4月14日0:25

Hi, I am trying to setup a vellum grind sim and i have been having this issue with ayer config i make. Now i have used vellum a lot in the past so i know i am doing it right just something is messed up with it. All it spits out is a list of the same error (image below). Any ideas? Thanks.

"Rest" Node in 17.5? 2019年10月8日11:17


"Rest" Node in 17.5? 2019年10月8日11:15

Ok, the issue is fixed now!

I ended up using the static-geo-uv-transfer method, and that worked out fine.

Thanks so much for the help, I will be sharing the final shot within the next 2 weeks on my website and LinkedIn , hope you get to see it.