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PolyExtrude attributes problem 2021年1月14日16:27

Sorry for not being clear enough, the 0 were the prim attribute “piece”, not the actual primitive number, the two colored-type faces are assigned from that attribute (visualization pruposes), my goal is to extrude unwrapping uvs while preserving my primitve attributes, (looks like it only work when you aren't generating unwapped uvs for the sides on the extrude node).

PolyExtrude attributes problem 2021年1月12日10:30

Hi Everyone,
Please, correct me if i'm wrong or point me in the right direction if it's not a bug, but it seems that when a gemoetry with vertex and primitive attributes gets extruded, if you generate unwrapped texture cordinates for the sides,( the method of transfer/promote primitive attributes changes?) it deletes the sides primitve attributes.

Here the file and some images.

invert a group selection 2020年7月25日13:35

There are a few ways to invert a group on houdini:

The most common is calling the group with an excalamation before:
Ex: if your group is called test, when you're calling it on a node (HScript)just use “!test” which basically means “all but test”.

Another way, especially if you are going to mess around a lot with a group is reverse it from de beggining, and you could do it with vex, a combine node etc.
I usually use a wrangle running over the same class of geometry than your group, you could write:

(All the options are resulting the same)
1.— @group_test = abs(1-@group_test);
2.— @group_test = fit01(@group_test,1,0);(Inverting from 0-1 to 1-0);
3.— @group_test =!@group_sides;
I'm avoiding comparisons statements“If, else, …” because usually, they are slower to compute than the bast majority of aritmetically operations (the 3rd option is one, but is very short heh).

Optionally if it fits better in your nodegraph, or you are “vex-lazy”, you could try with a combine node, setting your group equal to the inverted one;
Ex. Group: “test” Equals: !test

A hiplc is worth a thousand words: