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Baked foliage HDA doesn't show up in Foliage content 2022年12月14日6:14

For anyone who has a similar issue, or Houdini devs that wanna solve this:

Found this thread that seems to be the core of the bug. []

I really hope Houdini can fix this
- or that epic actually makes it so that you can disable world partition: []

Baked foliage HDA doesn't show up in Foliage content 2022年12月12日8:11

Hi! When I bake my tool to foliage on this one specific map (that has level streaming) it doesn't show up in my foliage folder, it does show up in the outliner/world but I just can't edit it with the foliage tool.

Here's a video of it not showing up in that specific level... []

Here's a video of it showing up in another level with also streaming enabled... []

HDA breaks after Restart Unreal or Reload map 2022年12月9日13:56

When I restart unreal or reload the level my HDA breaks and I can no longer select it in the viewport. I can't recook, rebuild or anything. When I click in the viewport I only select instances instead of the tool itself. Here is an GIF where I try to select it:
Selection issue UE5 []

Does anyone know how to solve this? Eternally grateful for advice.